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Google Scholar Profiles: Google Scholar Profile

Creating a Google Scholar Profile

Once you are logged into your Williams email:


Using Google Scholar Profiles

Once you have set up your profile, others are able to follow your research by clicking on the follow button.  Depending on the options they choose, followers wil receive an email when you publish a new article/working paper, you are freshly cited, or when an article that is related to yours in content is published.



Researchers can request an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) from the ORCID website.  Each researcher has an unique ORCID ID that can be used to co-locate that researcher's publications within and across databases.  Some granting agencies now require researchers to supply their ORCIDs as part of the grant application process.  ORCIDs are to be used by linked data, which allows related information to be pulled across websites.

Add Your Scholar Profile and ORCID

To be added to this listing of Google Scholar Profiles, please email Walter with the URL to your scholar page and your ORCID ID (if ou are using one).