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Revolutions and Counter-Revolutions: Narratives from the Arab World, Latin America and the Caribbean

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Christine Ménard
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Sawyer Library
Research Services, Room 347D
Pronouns: she/her/hers


Create an annotated bibliography on one of these themes:

  • Prison novels
  • Cinematic production of revolutions 
  • Neoliberalism in the Arab world,
  • Torture and dictatorship in modern literature 
  • Critical theory on modernity and post-modernity (NOT written by the dead white men club) 

The bibliography should include sources from the Humanities, History, Anthropology, etc. and focus specifically on Latin America, the Arab World and the Caribbean. 

Search Components to include in the search

  • Type of literature 
  • Time period 
  • Geographical area 
  • Type of source

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