Religion/Asian Studies 232: Explore!

Buddhist Economics
Professor: Susanne Ryuyin Kerekes
Spring 2020

Search Tools to Explore






Use your assigned database or search tool to find the following article:

Prayukvong, Wanna and Bronwen Rees. 2010. "A Buddhist Economic Approach to Employee Volunteer Programmes*." The Journal of Corporate Citizenship (38) (Summer): 75-91. 

Once you've found the article, take a moment to study the descriptive information included in its record. Find any keywords and/or subjects that are assigned to the article. Once you're ready, join a partner with a different search tool assignment and discuss the differences and similarities between your records. Use the questions below to guide your discussion.


  • Is this resource a database, or another type of search tool? How can you tell?
  • What differences in descriptive terminology do you notice between the two records? What reasons might be behind any differences you observe?
  • Can you access the full text of this article from the search tool you are using? Why or why not?
  • What types of sources are accessible through your search tools? How can you tell?
  • What other differences do you notice between search tools? How might these features help or hinder your research?

BONUS:  Can you create a search phrase that will return the article above in both of your search tools?