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Research Tip: Book Review Searching

Book Review Searching

  • Search for the title of the book, enclosed in quotation marks ("World's Best Book")
  • If the title is not very distinctive, add the author's last name
  • Look for limit to "book review" or add search term "review"

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About Scholarly Reviews

Scholarly reviews are written for scholars by scholars. These reviews place the book within the scholarly discourse, compare the book to other works in the field, and analyze the author's methodology, interpretations, and conclusions. Due to this amount of engagement with the book, reviews of academic titles may appear two or three years after publication of the book.

The searches in most of the databases below will find scholarly book reviews in addition to general interest and critical reviews. Scholarly reviews will be published in journals, and tend to be longer and more recent.

To learn more about other types of book reviews, see How to Find Book Reviews.

Best Bets

Resources for Recent Reviews

In addition to the resources below, see also subject databases related to the discipline of the book.

Resources for Older Reviews