Useful Browser Extensions

About the Google Scholar Button


This extension adds a browser button for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page. Click the Scholar button to:

  • Find full text on the web or in your university library. Select the title of the paper on the page you're reading, and click the Scholar button to find it. Make sure to connect Google Scholar to Williams Libraries first.
  • Transfer your query from web search to Scholar. Press the Scholar button to see top three results; click "full screen" at the bottom of the popup to see them all.
    Screen Shot of Google Scholar button searching for "Beyonce Lemonade"
  • Format references in widely used citation styles. Press the quote button below the result to see a formatted reference and copy it into the paper you're writing.
    Screen shot of citation examples for an academic article
  • Save the article to your Scholar library, so you can read it or cite it later.  Press the blue star below the result to save it, or the gray star at the bottom to see all saved articles.

from the Chrome Web Store

Installing the Google Scholar Button

  1. Search the Chrome Web Store for "Google Scholar button"
    Screen shot of Chrome web store
  2. Choose the option offered by
    Screen shot of Google Scholar extension
  3. Click the "Add to Chrome" button to install
    Screen shot of "add to chrome" installation option
  4. Click "add extension" complete the installation
    Screen shot of "add extension" window
  5. Pin icon to your browser toolbar for easy access:
    Screenshot of pin to toolbar option in Chrome
  1. Search Firefox add-ons for "google scholar button"
    Screenshot of Firefox add-ons search
  2. Choose the option offered by Google
    Screenshot of Firefox add-ons search results
  3. Click the "Add to Firefox" button to install
    Screenshot of "add to firefox" confirmation window
  4. Click "Add" complete the installation
    Screenshot of second confirmation window to install add-on
  5. Make sure the add-on is activated
    Add-ons setting screen