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Women and Girls in (Inter)National Politics: Reference Resources

INTR 219/PSCI 219/AFR 217/WGSS 219/LEAD 219
Professor: Joy James
Fall 2020

When to Use Reference Tools

I recommend using reference resources to quickly familiarize yourself with a topic. You can do this by either going directly to an Online Reference Tool (shortlist assembled below, left) or by searching for a topic in the library catalog and Filtering for Online Reference Entries (find instructions below, right). Be sure that you look at each entry critically - the goal is to give yourself a foundation of information to reflect and build upon (or tear down, as may be the case).

Online Reference Tools

Research Tip: Use Reference Sources

Use Reference Sources

Begin your research by using reference sources to get: 

  • ideas for your paper 
  • overviews of a topic
  • a list of recommended resources

Go beyond Wikipedia by using librarian-recommended reference sources.

Filtering for Online Reference Entries

  • Perform a keyword search (try a concept, movement, or individual) using the search bar at the top of the libraries homepage 
  • The filters menu is located on the right hand side of the results list. If you're working on a small device you may have to select the funnel-like filters icon.
  • Select Full Text Online (under Availability) and Reference Entries (under Resource Type) - see Image 1
  • Click the green Apply Filters button
  • In use filters are listed at the top of the filters menu - see Image 2. To remove a filter, just click the x symbol.


            Image 1                                                              Image 2