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Women and Girls in (Inter)National Politics: Secondary Resources

INTR 219/PSCI 219/AFR 217/WGSS 219/LEAD 219
Professor: Joy James
Fall 2020

The easiest way to find relevant secondary resources is to perform an Advanced Search (see tutorial below), combining multiple terms and filters. For example, you could combine "Kamala Harris" with "prison abolition*" and filter by Resource Type - Articles to find articles relevant to the topics you're interested in examining. Check out our guide on Super Searching for more tips on crafting an effective search.

Advanced Search Tutorial

Using our Advanced Search option will allow you to pre-filter your search results, bringing more relevant results to the top. To get to the Advanced Search interface, click on the Advanced Search link below the search bar at the top of the libraries homepage (see image below).




Clicking this link will take you to the Advanced Search page where you'll find many options to help you tailor your search results. You'll find descriptions of these options below.


1 (one)  

Select an option in the Search for menu to select the collection you're searching within:

  • Books, Articles, & More - Search within all accessible items, including those borrowable through InterLibrary Loan
  • Available Online - Search within items available digitally
  • Items at Williams - Search within resources physically available on campus
  • Special Collections - Search within items held by Special Collections
  • Course Reserve - Search for resources reserved for class use


3 (three) 

Use the AND dropdown menu to select between different Boolean operators to narrow or widen your search results

  • Use AND to combine keywords, narrowing your search
  • Use OR to combine synonyms or multiple keywords, broadening your search



Use these lines to enter search terms relevant to your information needs


6 (six)

Need more space? Click ADD A NEW LINE to add additional search terms. 

2 (two) 

Use the Any Field dropdown menu to assign a label to your keywords:

  • Any field - Searches information in all fields of an item's record
  • Title - Search for items by title 
  • Author/creator - Search for items by author or creator
  • Subject - Search for items on a certain topic
  • Location - Search for items by where they are held in the libraries
  • Publisher - Search for items by publisher
  • Notes - Search in the notes of an item


4 (four) 

Use the filter menus to search within certain parameters

  • Use the Resource Type dropdown menu to find a specific type of resource. Options include:

                         All Items  |  Books  |  Articles  |  Journals    

                         Audio Visual  |  Images  |  Scores  |  Gov Docs 

  • Use the Language dropdown menu to find resources in a specific language. Options include:

                         Any language  |  English  |  Arabic  |  Chinese  |  French  |  German

                         Greek  |  Italian  |  Japanese  |  Latin  |  Russian  |  Spanish

  • Use the Publication Date dropdown menu to find resources published within a specific time frame. Options include:

                          Any year  |  specific date  |  Last year  |  Last 2 years

                          Last 5 years  |  Last 10 years  |  Last 20 years