Environmental Studies 206: Global Environmental Politics: Scholarly

Global Environmental Politics
Professor: April Merleaux
Spring 2021

About Scholarly Journal Articles

Scholarly journal articles

  • Are written by academics and researchers for experts in their field
  • Share results of research, debate issues, and/or analyze and interpret information in the subject area
  • Cite sources in a bibliography and/or footnotes/endnotes

Example of a Scholarly Journal

Interdisciplinary Article Databases

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All About Peer Review

Peer review is the process in which scholarly works are evaluated by experts in the field before publication. Watch the video for more information.

Credit: CSU Dominguez Hills (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Run Time: 2:58

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

Look for the Peer Reviewed symbol (circled in green above), located below an article title on your results list.

You can also filter results for Peer-reviewed journals and articles by using the "Peer-reviewed Journals" filter, located under the "Tweak my results" menu (above image). Just be sure to hit the green "apply filters" button at the bottom of the page after selecting!

Environment & Science Article Databases

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