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ARAB 369: Indigenous Narratives: How Libraries are Organized

Professor: Amal Eqeiq

Libraries in the U.S.

Williams Libraries Organization

Williams Libraries use the Library of Congress to organize the general collections in Sawyer and Schow.  The Library of Congress comprises of the following elements: 

Classification Practices

Subject Headings

Beyond the U.S.

The Library of Congress and the Dewey Decimal classifications are universal classification schemes. These are used widely throughout the world. [Countries that use the Dewey Decimal System]. 

Beyond the universal schemes, there are also National Classification Schemes and Specialized (specific themes) based on type of materials or particular subjects. List of classifications: Source codes for vocabularies, rules and schemes 

New initiatives as alternatives to Library of Congress

To counter the hegemony of the Library of Congress Classification System, libraries are developing new methods of organizing their collections and looking at international coordination options