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SOC 335: Nowheres: How libraries are organized

Professor Phi Su

Libraries in the U.S.

Williams Libraries Organization

The Williams library uses the Library of Congress to organize the general collections in Sawyer and Schow.  The Library of Congress comprises of the following elements: 

 Library of Congress cataloging practices:

New initiatives as alternatives to Library of Congress

To counter the hegemony of the Library of Congress Classification System, libraries are developing new methods of organizing their collections and looking at international coordination options

How You can make a difference

"Rule 4: Every person on the planet must be a citizen of at least one country" Joshua Keating. Invisible Countries

Change the Subject (2019) is a 54-minute documentary film about a group of Dartmouth students who challenged anti-immigrant language in the Library of Congress subject headings. 

Change the Subject film poster, cropped.png