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SOC 335: Nowheres: Session 1 - Activities

Professor Phi Su

Activity #1: Call Numbers

Goal: Discuss how call numbers organize materials in the library 

The four following books are about about Somaliland and are in the library collection.

Book 1 

Book 2                      

Book 3                       

Book 4 

  • Click on the links to open the catalog record for each book
  • Take note of the call number for each book 
  • Consider the following questions:
    • Why these books about Somaliland have different call numbers? 
    • What is the impact of this organizational approach? 

Activity #2: Library Classification

Goal: Learn about the Library of Congress Classification 

Table 1:Book 1                 

Table 2: Book 2               

Table 3: Book 3             

Table 4: Book 4 

  • Go to the Library of Congress Classification Outline:
  • Locate the classification category for your book (go as deep as you can in the classification system) 
  • How is this call # class is organized?  
  • What do you think about this organization?  
  • Be prepared to share the highlights of your discussion

Activity #3 - Geographical Representation- Demo

Take a look at the the following 3 Subject Browse Searches in the library catalog: 

What do you notice about how countries/regions/groups appear in the library catalog? 

To what do you attribute the difference between the representation to Abkazia and Kosovo?  

Activity #4: Geographical Representations - Who Decides?

  1. Open the  Library of Congress Name Authority Cooperative Program FAQ 
    Look at Question #3.  What do you think of that? 
  2. Go to Library of Congress H690: Formulating Geographical Name
    On page 4, read the Note for section 

What do you notice?  What surprises you?  What other information would you like to have? 

Activity #5: Subject Headings - Exploration

Goal: Compare the Library of Congress Subject Headings assigned to each book 

Book 1                 

Book 2                      

Book 3                       

Book 4 

  • Click on the links to open the catalog record for each book
  • Look at the subject headings assigned to each book
  • What are the differences in subject headings from book to book? 
  • Any reactions?