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Sociology 335 - Nowheres: Session #2 - Activities

Professor Phi Su
Fall 2021

Research Mapping

  1. Draft your preliminary research map [See Christine's example
  2. Swap your research map with the person next to you
  3. Review their research map and add suggestions of additional actors/participants and sources.
    The goal here is to help them further define their research topics and the type of sources they will need to find. 
  4. Get your research map back. How are the suggestions furthering your perspective on your topic? 

Scholarly Societies / Subject Databases

Goal: Compare how scholarly disciplines describe the world 

  • Go the library's list of E-resources & Databases (A-Z list) 
  • Open the two databases assigned to your table: 
    • Table 1: Anthropological Literature
    • Table 2: Sociological Abstracts
    • Table 3: Historical Abstracts 
    • Table 4: PAIS      
  • Working as a group: 
    • Locate information about the origins of this database (why was it created? by whom? when? ) 
    • Discuss whether this database be a good place to research a "Nowhere"? 
    • Browse the E-resources & Databases (A-Z list)  and identify other databases that might be relevant to this research project
  • Be prepared to share the highlights of your discussion with the large group