English 265

Dislocating the Harlem Renaissance
Professor: Ricardo Wilson
Spring 2022

Searching the Literature

In addition to finding books and journals cited in course readings and ones recommended by your professor (i.e., backward citation searching), you should also search the literature directly. This page contains recommended search tools as well as videos for how to effectively use them. 

Library Catalog

Run Time: 2:06


Credit: JSTOR
Run Time: 6:51
For additional help using JSTOR, see their How to Use JSTOR guide.

MLA International Bibliography

Credit: Modern Language Association
Run Time: 3:40
See MLA's tutorial page for additional search tips.

Google Scholar

Credit: Utah State University Libraries (used with permission)
Run Time: 2:17
Note: Although this video was created for USU students, the same approaches apply for Williams.