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HIST 203: Modern Japan: Finding Books

History 203: Modern Japan
Professor: Viktor Shmagin
Fall 2022

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Research Tip: Borrow It

Borrow It!

If we don't own a book, or if our copy is checked out, you can borrow a copy from another library. Just search for the book in Williams WorldCat, and then choose "Request Item" to borrow it.

If you need help, just ask!

Pro-tip: Forward Citation Searching with Google Scholar

To use Google Scholar as a resource for citation searching. This is a helpful way to gauge how authoritative a book or article is and how it has influenced scholarship since its publication

  1. Search for the title of the book or article. It can be helpful to put the title in quotes.
  2. Choose the "Cited by" link.  

The resulting list will include articles and websites that cite the original work as well as books scanned through the Google Books project.

If you have linked Google Scholar to Williams Libraries:

  • On the resulting list, use the Fulltext@Williams link (sometimes hidden under the double right arrows) to check whether we have the item in our collection.  Note: there may be more than one entry for your reference.