News Literacy

1. Lateral Reading

Lateral reading is the process of verifying what you are reading as you are reading it.  When you open up a news article in your browser, open a second, empty tab.  Use that second window to look up claims, author credentials and organizations that you come across in the article.

This concept was developed at Stamford University by the Civic Online Reasoning (COR) group.

2. Reverse Image Searching

Doing a reverse image search helps identifying fake images.  Here is a video tutorial for Google Reverse Image Search 

3. Triangulation

Triangulation in the research process refers to the process of combining several research methods to study the same object.  See Laura Petrolino's How to Spot Fake News for triangulating the research process.

4. Diversifying Your Sources

It is always a good idea to check the same news story in a variety of news sources. This enables you more easily to see how the story is framed and documented. Try to chose news sources that you know are vastly different.