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RLFR 320: Transcending Boundaries: Activities

Activity #1. Sources for project

What resources that may be useful for your research project ? 

  • Be as specific as possible
  • Include:
    • who may have created this source?
    • what was its original purpose?
    • who might have used it?
    • where may they have encountered it. 
  • Add sources to one class-wide google doc. 

Activity #2. Explore Digital Library of the Caribbean

  • Connect to the Digital Library of the Caribbean:
  • Browse through the collections and the list of partners 
  • What do you notice? 
  • What surprises you? 

Activity #3. Creation of narrative about authors

  • Connect to the database/search engine assigned to your group 
  • Search for Aimé Césaire 
  • How are biographical elements constructed? 

Group 1.  Library catatalog/search engine 

Group 2. MLA International Bibliography 

Group 3. Biography In Context