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Development Economics: Books

Using the Library Catalog

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How the Library is Organized

Sawyer and Schow have a series of open shelving, also known as the stacks.  Having materials on open shelves, allows you to go directly to the shelves and find the item you want.  Open shelving also gives you the opportunity to browse the titles located near your item of interest. 

Materials in the libraries are organized by subjects, according to the Library of Congress classification system. This type of organization results in English and non-English titles on similar subjects being located in the same area.      

How to Read a Call Number

Unlike public and school libraries, most academic libraries use the Library of Congress Classification scheme to arrange books on the shelves.

Sawyer call numbers


Read call numbers line by line:

  • First line: arranged alphabetically

  • Second line: read as a whole number

  • Third and fourth lines: arranged alphabetically, then numerically, with the number treated as a decimal (e.g., .A627 comes before .A65)

  • Last line: shelved chronologically.

Sawyer Library Stacks Directory

Call Number Floor
A-D Level 4
E-H Level 3
J-PF Level 2
PG-Z Level 1
DVDs, CDs Level 3

Note: This table is for the location of items in Sawyer stacks. There are other library locations (such as  Sawyer DVD, Sawyer Reserve, and Sawyer Reference) that also use this call number system. See library maps for further information.

Collections of monographs from international agencies