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Getting Started with Premiere Pro : About

A quick start guide for using Premiere Pro

What is Premiere Pro?

Adobe's Premier Pro, Creative Cloud version, is our go to app for all video editing projects, small to large. Our Adobe licenses agreement allows us to install Premiere on any college owned workstation or laptop, and thus, we have put it on most public computers that OIT installs and manages. This would include all media stations located in the Center for Educational Technology (CET), Jesup 101, Spencer 216 and other locations.

Faculty and staff may also download Premiere Pro to their college owned worksation or laptop. Visit OIT's software download page here for more information.

Note for Final Cut Pro users: We currently offer Final Cut Pro Studio (version 7) on media workstations in the CET but have discontinued active support. We encourage FCP users to transition to Premiere Pro at this time. Click on the Learning Premiere Pro tab above and follow the link for Migrating from FCP 7 to Premiere Pro to access the tutorials that make the switch easy. As FCP Studio becomes increasingly unstable on the newer MAC operating systems we will eventually remove it from all of our OIT supported workstations.

CET Staff