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Get Creative with Troubleshoot Software Questions with provides in-depth instructional videos for a range of technology and business topics. Williams’ new lyndaCampus license provides everyone at Williams unrestricted web-based access to the entire library. can provide the the answers you seek!

Having trouble doing something in a software or getiing it to do what YOU want it to do? We all tend to jump on Google to solve software issues but that can lead to pages and pages of irrelevant returns. Try searching instead!

Example: How do I do change/format page numbers in Word?

First, search Lynda.comon the version of Word you are using, let's say "Word 2013"

Then scroll down and find the "Word 2013 Essential Training" course.

Once you are in a course in you can search JUST the course for keywords and functions.

Search "page numbers" in the Search this course box. It returns a few hits, the top one being:

Using headers, fotters and page numbers

Chances are your answer will be contained in this short video!

CET Staff