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AFR/AMST/WGSS 320: Google Images

Dangerous Bodies: Black Womanhood, Sexuality & Popular Culture

Google Images Search Tips

Use quotes to keep phrases or names together

  • "Michelle Obama"

Put these with other words to narrow your results

  • "Michelle Obama" vogue

On the results page, use the "Search Tools" to limit by size or date:

Paste a URL into the "search by image" feature to find other versions of that image:


** Don't forget to record the URL of the image so you can cite it later. Yes, you read that right.  You have to cite the images you use.  Properly.

Search Google Images

How big should my images be?

Most publishers require at least 150 dpi & recommend 300 dpi

That's great, but what does that mean?

To figure out the dimensions you need, you must DO MATH :(

  1. Take the dimensions (say, 1536 x 1023, like this photo)
  2. Divide each of the numbers of the dimensions by the dpi you want to have (so, 1536/300 = 5.12 and 1023/300 = 3.41)
  3. The result tells you the size photo you can safely use in your photobook (so in a 300dpi photobook, my photo can be no bigger than 5.12in by 3.41in.

But it looks huge on the screen!
   It doesn't matter.

But math makes me nervous!
   Don't worry, most publishers will warn you if your photo is too small.