Political Science 323: Government Publications

The Geopolitics of Energy
Professor: Rose Kelanic
Fall 2016

About U. S. Government Publications

The United States Government Printing Office (GPO) is responsible for the publication and dissemination of the official publications of Congress, the White House, and other Federal agencies in digital and print formats. Print materials are made freely available to the public through the Federal Depository Library Program.

Williams Libraries have been a depository since 1858, with a special focus on congressional materials. The majority of the government documents collection is housed in the Library Shelving Facility. To have a document retrieved, use the request button in the library catalog record. You will need to be logged-in to the library catalog to access the button. More information about access to the library catalog.

For in-depth research assistance, contact Rebecca Ohm, Government Documents Librarian.

Congressional Documents

Foreign Government Documents

Catalogs of Government Documents

Use these catalogs to determine what documents were published during a particular time. Search the library catalog and Williams WorldCat to get the full documents.

Treaties and Conventions

See the complete guide to Treaties and Conventions

Foreign Policy

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) "constitutes the official record of the foreign policy of the United States. These volumes include, subject to necessary security considerations, all documents needed to give a comprehensive record of the major foreign policy decisions within the range of the Department of State's responsibility, together with appropriate materials concerning the facts which contributed to the formulation of policies." (Preface) Issued annually with multiple volumes covering different areas of the world. Learn more about FRUS.

Declassified Documents

Presidential Papers and Materials