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Classroom Polling - "Clickers": Classroom PC How-To

Classroom Polling with clickers using TurningPoint software.

How to use clickers on a classroom PC

1. Open TurningPoint by clicking on the TurningPoint Icon:

Do not start by opening PowerPoint. This will not load the TurningPoint toolbar.

Do not start by double clicking your slide show file. This will not load the TurningPoint toolbar.

2. Select PowerPoint Polling

Plug in your Receiver:

3. You will get a TurningPoint tab in PowerPoint:

pc turningpoint tool bar

4. Select New Multiple Choice Slide.
Replace the text in the title area with your question and replace the list items with the answers. 


5. Mix regular PowerPoint slides in with the interactive polling slides. Save the slideshow just as you would save a regular PowerPoint slideshow.

Save your slideshow with the PowerPoint menu option: File: Save As. Remember: The save button in the TurningPoint tool bar is only for the clicker response data, not your presentation.

6. Start your slide show. Just start the PowerPoint slide show the way you normally would.

7. Manage Polling: When you arrive at a polling question, the slide is open for polling. One more slide advance and the polling closes; the resulting graph is displayed. Another slide advance, and the next slide is displayed. A useful feature to be aware of is the ability to repoll a question.


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