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Classroom Polling - "Clickers": Problem Solving

Classroom Polling with clickers using TurningPoint software.

Trouble-Shooting Clickers

1. TurningPoint controls missing? Try opening TurningPoint first instead of your PowerPoint file or PowerPoint. 

2. Clickers not working?

A. Is the USB Reciever plugged into the computer?

B. Did you forget to Reset your Session Data? (a good test is to repoll the questions that are not working.)

C. No lights at all? Clicker has no battery.

D. Most clickers work, but this clicker doesn't ever have the green light come on while others do:  The clicker is set to a different radio frequency. Press these clicker buttons in order: Go, 4, 1, Go. That should set the clicker back to channel 41 to match the receiver.

3. Clickers are still not working!

In PowerPoint, go to File - Options - Add-Ins. Check and see if the TurningPoint Add-In has been disabled. 

4. The TurningPoint Installation is not working! Check your version of Microsoft Office. It needs to be 2010. 

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