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Russian 203: Books

Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation
Prof. Vladimir Ivantsov
Fall 2019

Library Catalogs

Book-Length Literary Criticisms

In Library Catalog and Williams Worldcat, use the Advanced Search level and: 

  • Do a Keyword search for author's name and "criticism and interpretation"   
  • Do a Keyword search to the title of the book and "criticism" 

Searching and Browsing

Start in the library catalog

  • Do a few keyword searches in the library catalog
  • Once you find a relevant book, click on the Details link and look at the Subjects to find similar items
  • When you click on a subject, it will run a new search on that topic

Browse the shelves
Books are organized on the shelves according to topic, so once you find a promising source, you can:

  • use the Virtual Browse link in the library catalog to see other possibly relevant books around it
  • or go to the shelves to browse physically