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Chinese 422T: Books

Old Shanghai, New Shanghai
Professor: Li Yu
Spring 2016

General Search Tips

  • Start with a Keyword Search
    • Keyword searches all parts of the catalog record, including title, subject, and table of contents (if available)
  • Examine the Subject Headings of the items found in the keyword search
    • Subject headings help to bring together items on the same topic, no matter how the author chose to name their book or chapters
  • Think broadly about search terms for your topic
    • Unlike articles, books tend to be broader in scope, and thus the subjects assigned to them are broader.
    • For example, if you are interested in the Shanghai dialect, there may not be many entire books about the dialect, so you would need to look at broader subjects such as Chinese language dialects or Wu dialects

Finding Materials in Chinese


  • Use Advanced Search to select Chinese from the Language drop-down before you search.
  • To limit after your search, choose Modify Search or Limit/Sort Search

In Williams WorldCat:

  • Search using Chinese characters.
  • Search in English and use the Language limit to narrow results to Chinese.

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