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History 218: Modern Japan: Finding Books

Modern Japan
Professor Eiko Maruko
Siniawer Fall 2021

Using the Library Catalog

Run Time: 2:06

Locating Books in Sawyer Library Stacks

Run Time: 1:55

Catalog Search Strategies

  • Start broad to get a sense of your topic  
    • Japan + your topic 
    • Limit search results by type of source, language, date 
  • Use the Browse search 
    • Do a Subject browse to see how the subject Japan is described 
  • Follow the Subjects
    • Do a few keyword searches in the library catalog
    • Once you find a relevant book, click on the Details link and look at the Subjects to find similar items
    • When you click on a subject, it will run a new search on that topic
  • Browse the shelves 
    Books are organized on the shelves according to topic, so once you find a promising source, you can:
    • use the Virtual Browse link in the library catalog to see other possibly relevant books around it
    • or go to the shelves to browse physically

Research Tip: Finding Ebooks

Finding Ebooks

You can find ebooks in the library catalog by doing a search for a topic, title, or author, and filtering your search results by:

  • Availability: Full Text Online and Open Access
  • Resource Type: Books

See a demo:

You can also search directly in ebook provider platforms.

Research Tip: Borrow It

Borrow It!

If we don't own a book, or if our copy is checked out, you can borrow a copy from another library. Just search for the book in Williams WorldCat, and then choose "Request Item" to borrow it.

If you need help, just ask!