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Anthropology 281: Books

The Seeds of Divinity
Professor Antonia Foias

Getting Started

Library catalogs use organized subject sequences: 

  • Name of group  + form of art or cultural practice 
    • Maya - architecture 
    • Maya - sculpture 
    • Aztec - architecture 
    • Aztec - sculpture 
    • Maya - Religion 
    • Aztec - Religion 
  • Location (country or site) + time period or + type of object or + cultural practice 
    • Mexico - Antiquities 
    •  San Juan Teotihuacán (Mexico) -- Antiquities
    •  Teotihuacán Site (San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico) -- Excavations
    • NOTE: Mesoamerica is not a subject heading 

Once you find a citation, look at the subject headings listed to get additional relates references 

Research Tip: Borrow It

Borrow It!

If we don't own a book, or if our copy is checked out, you can borrow a copy from another library. Just search for the book in Williams WorldCat, and then choose "Request Item" to borrow it.

If you need help, just ask!