Williams Undergraduate Publications

Guide to Williams undergraduate publications

How long ago did Williams students start publishing literary magazines? What were Williams students writing about in the time leading up to the Second World War? What was the campus discourse like during the major administrative changes of the 1960s? Use these resources to find out more about campus life and culture through the decades and centuries.

Most of these publications are available to view in the Special Collections Weber reading room. Contact Special Collections for further information.

General College News

  • The Vidette (1867-1874), according to the editors "a lively college paper," which included general college news, the proceedings of different campus societies, essays, news from other colleges, and editorials.
  • The Williams Review (1870-1874), categorized as a college newspaper, also contained student works of fiction and poetry.
  • The Williams Athenaeum (1874-1885) was formed from a merger of the Vidette and the Review. The Athenaeum contained more college news than literary pieces.
  • The Argo (1881-1885). With this paper the editors hoped to publish, "something brighter and more interesting," than the Athenaeum.
  • The Fortnight (1885-1887)
  • The Williams Weekly (1887-1904)
  • The Williams Record (1904-1972)
  • The Williams Herald (1943)
  • The Advocate (1969-1972)
  • The Williams Record-Advocate (1972-1975)
  • The Williams Record (1975-)
  • The Williams College Council Newsletter (1981-1982)
  • The Williams Free Press (1994-1999)

Literary Reviews

Scholarly Writing


  • The Purple Cow (1907-1963)
  • The Griffin (1946)
  • The Williams Broken Record (1984)
  • Mung (1988)
  • Beeph (1991-)
  • Mad Cow (1998-)
  • Williams Trasher (1994-1995)

Political and Social Commentary