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French 305: Photographs

Spaces and Places in Contemporary France
Professor Carl Cornell
Fall 2018

Considerations when working with photographs

Search and Access: 

  • Time period: what type of photos can you expect to exist? 
  • Where is the photo likelyto be   available?
  • What level of access can you expect (public vs private)? 
  • What use license govern the photograph  (copyright restrictions)?

Photograph Analysis: 

  • Who took this photo? 
  • What is the explicit purpose of the photo? 
  • What is the implicit purpose? 
  • Whose story is being told? 
  • Whose story is not included?

Images published in books

You may use the Williams Search to find collections of published images that are available in the Williams libraries.  To go beyond Williams, use Williams Worldcat.

In either catalogs, you may search by combining keywords (e.g. Paris, streets, photography), or by name of photographers. Keep search terms reasonably broad (e.g. searching for a specific street name, or arrondissement will be too narrow).  

You may also use the Library of Congress Subject Heads to find works 

Williams Search  Williams Worldcat 

Paris - France - Pictorial Works

Street photography - France - Paris 

Streets - France - Paris 

Street photography - France - Paris - 20th century 

Paris - France - Pictorial Works

Streets - France - Paris

Photographs From French Archives / Collections

Search Engines

images with Creative Commons Licenses: 

Images with Creative Commons Licenses provide clear guidance as to the terms of use.  The following are three search engines leading to images with Creative Commons Licenses. 

Images without Creative Commons Licenses: 

You may still consider using an image without a Creative Commons License, as long as you link to the image (instead of downloading it) and provide full credentials.  There are many image search engines, the top two we use in the library are: 

Images published in magazines

Collections of Digitized Images

Copyright / Ownership of Photographs

Linking to a live image/photo and giving full credentials should be fine for the project for FRE305.  If you want/need to download and upload the photo to another server, you need to make sure that this is authorized. You can: 

  • Use a search tool that guarantees that you are searching for a openly available photo (e.g. Wikimedia Commons) 
  • Research the image to determine the level of use/access authorize (Creative Commons Licenses
  • Consult the Fair Use Evaluator

NOTE: Use of images contained in library resources (electronic and print) is governed by copyright rules. Check the use terms and permissions before downloading or scanning.

Search Engines