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SOC 212: Understanding Social Media: Conducting Social Media Ethnographies

Nicholas Carr
Fall 2019

General Search Tips

Metasearch and Analysis

Social Media Research Toolkit 
List of 50+ social media research tools currated by researchers at the Social media Lab, at the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University  

Netlytic is a cloud-based text and social networks analyzer that can automatically summarize and discover communication networks from publicly available social media posts. It uses public APIs to collect posts from Twitter and YouTube. It also supports the analysis of your own datasets.

Search for words, people, emoji, places and dates on Twitter. Search for any keyword, hashtag, emoji or user mention filtering by date, location and language. Setup your historical searches or collect posts in real-time.

Google Social Search
Comparative real-time search of social networks. Searches the public posts on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Free users can save their searches and set up email alerts. Subscription users have access to Data export / API/Unlimited history (Free level = 100 searches/day + 2 email alerts).

Social Searcher
Real time search across social media platforms. Register (free) for email alerts and access tp analytics. Statistics include: post timeline; sentiment; users; links; terms. Provides diagrams and charts. Only one month worth of data.

Real time search. Register (free) for access to analytics. Statistics include: total number of mentions, sentiment (positive/negative), engagement, reach, demographics, influencers. Also includes a timeline chart. Can search by hashtags. Can save searches. Limtited archive (7 days - 13 months if upgrade)