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ANTH 371: Medicine, Pathology, and Power: Class workshop

Medicine, Professor Kim Gutschow

Outline of the workshop

  1. finding infographics  (15 mn) 
  2. creating a PowerPoint presentation (30 mn) 
  3. presenting of the slides  to the class (5 mn) 
  4. group discussion/feedback session (5 mn) 

Group Topics

  • Group A: Athletics and Alcohol on Campus
    • Natalie Albright
    • Michaela O-Connor
    • Amanda Reisman
    • Janeth Rodriguez 
    • Liz Webber
  • Group B: Defining and Alleviating Campus Stress
  • ​Andrea Alvarez
  • Cassie Deshong
  • Surabhi Iyer
  • Gabrielle Wolfe
  • Manting Xu
  • Guanghao Yu
  • Group C: Access to Contraception on Campus
    • Lauren Heuer
    • Sarah Michels
    • Andrea Orozco
    • Jane Shim


Working as a group: 

  1. Search for infographics to present background information on your topic
  2. Select three to five  infographics - document the reasons for your choices 
  3. Dowload the graphics 
  4. Create a 5-8 slides PowerPoint presentation that includes the infographics 

To find infographics, ​​you may: