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Chemistry 115: Finding Articles

AIDS: Disease and Search for a Cure
Rebecca E. Taurog
Spring 2016

Finding Articles

Scholarly articles: 

  • provide background on your research
  • put your research in context
  • support the results of your research.

Review the differences between scholarly and popular articles, see how scholarly articles are organized and review the process of peer-review:


Research Tip: Find Text Button

The Find Text Button

Many of our databases have this SFX Find Text Button button, which searches for the full-text of the article in our collections. If we don't have it electronically, look for the "Request article scan" link in the "Get It" section.

screenshot of Get It section with link

Search Web of Science


Search ProQuest

Additional Article Sources

For your debates, you will be looking at scientific aspects of AIDS from the point of view of governments, pharmaceutical companies, non-profits, NGOs, and/or human subjects. 

Relevant issues, just to name a few, could include: 

  • ethics
  • policy
  • politics
  • populations
  • drug delivery. 

Sources vary depending on the type of information you are looking to find. 

Think about who might be interested in your topic.who might be writing about it, and where the information might be published. 

Articles on the same topic from different disciplines can offer different perspectives and different points of view. 

A complete list of article databases by subject area is provided. 

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Need Help? You can ask!



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