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Chemistry 115: Using Schow

AIDS: Disease and Search for a Cure
Rebecca E. Taurog
Spring 2016

Keyword searching

Search the library catalog for books by combining keywords such as:

  • AIDS or HIV
  • woman or women or gender or man or men
  • ethic*
  • South Africa
  • drugs or vaccine or vaccines or vaccinations or antiretroviral
  • epidemic*
  • disease or virus or infection
  • NGO or non-govermental organization

When you find a relevant item, click the DETAILS TAB to view the complete library record.  Scroll down to see SUBJECT HEADINGS assigned to the item of interest.  These headings link together like items.  Click a subject heading to find related materials.

Books are organized on the shelves according to topic, so once you find a promising source, write down its call number and then go to the shelves and look at the books around it for related works. 

Search the Library Catalog

Find books, articles, & more

How to Read a Call Number

Unlike public and school libraries, most academic libraries use the Library of Congress Classification scheme to arrange books on the shelves.


Read call numbers line by line:

  • First line: arranged alphabetically

  • Second line: read as a whole number

  • Third and fourth lines: arranged alphabetically, then numerically, with the number treated as a decimal

  • Last line: shelved chronologically.

Need help? You can ask!

Need Help? You can ask!



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