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Chemistry 341: Finding Articles

Toxicology and Cancer
Spring 2018
Dave Richardson

Finding Articles: Tips

When looking for original research, you will need to find journal articles.  Use the following databases as starting points for finding information related to your topic. 

Web of Science:  use the citation searching feature to find citing and cited articles for your assigned paper

SciFinder Scholar:  explore by substance or by research topic

PubMed:  search by keyword and limit to a type of study or specific subjects or search by Toxicology Subset

Research Tip: Find Text Button

The Find Text Button

Many of our databases have this SFX Find Text Button button, which searches for the full-text of the article in our collections. If we don't have it electronically, look for the "Request article scan" link in the "Get It" section.

screenshot of Get It section with link

Need help? You can ask!

Need Help? You can ask!



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Search by Chemical Name

  1. Access SciFinder Scholar
  2. Click Accept
  3. Click Explore Substances
  4. Click Substance Identifier
  5. Enter chemical name in the search box and click Search

Searching by chemical name ties all the information, in the database that is related to the chemical, together.

For example, searching by name for benzene shows the structure as well as:

  • phenyl hydride (alternative name)
  • C6H6 (molecular formula)
  • 71-43-2 (registry number)
  • ~130549 References (associated citations)

Select your substance and then click the GET REFERENCES box to start your search of all references in SciFinder Scholar that are associated with your compound. From there, you can REFINE by topic, document type, language, etc.

Search PubMed


Search Web of Science


Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Peer Review in Three Minutes

Credit: NCSU Libraries
Run Time: 3:00

Research Tip: Proxy Server

Researching Off Campus

Many of the resources on the A-Z Databases page are accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. However, you will need to authenticate yourself as a Williams user

If you need help, just ask!

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