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Chemistry 343: Getting Started

Medicinal Chemistry
Tom Smith
Fall 2014

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Need Help? You can ask!



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In this course, you will be finding information for your "Drug of the Day" projects as well as your research proposals and posters.  Use this guide as a starting point for key resources, evaluating sources, and how to cite your sources.  Please email me to schedule research appointments as needed.

Drug of the Day Project Resources

  1. Your textbook.
  2. Use the Citation Linker to find the full-text of books and articles cited in your main resource.
  3. To find books and/or book chapters, keyword search in the library catalog using the drug name (generic and trade).
  4. Who developed the drug?  Look for information on the pharmaceutical company website.
  5. Explore by substance in SciFinder.

Reseach Project: Selecting a Topic

  1. Skim the Tables of Contents of textbooks and reference resources.
  2. Read the science section of the NY Times.
  3. Browse Tables of Contents of key medicinal chemistry journals:  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Nature Medicine, Drug Metabolism and Disposition
  4. See what's on trial at
  5. How does medicinal chemistry affect your life?

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