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Embedding a LibGuide into a Glow Course: Home

How-To Instructions



Add LibGuide to Glow course via "Modules"

  • Add a Module (you can call it Research Guide, if you want)
  • Add an item to the module ->toggle the item to External Tool ->scroll to LibApps
  • In LibGuide Sites choose "research guides" /Content Type “Full LibGuide” /Guide… scroll to your guide and then click the Embed Content button at the bottom of the page.
  • Click through and then publish the module and the item.

Add a button to the Nav bar for your LibGuide

  • Click the module link to open the guide and then copy the URL at the top of the page.
  • Go to Settings / Apps / Select: "Redirect Tool" / Click: "Add App"
  • Name as you want it to appear on the button added to the course Nav bar. i.e. Mapmaking
  • Paste in the full path for the module i.e. " "
  • Select the box “show in Course Navigation” and click “Add App” then refresh your browser.
  • The Lib Guide now appears in the left Nav bar for that course
  • Go to settings -> Navigation and drag Modules below the line unless you are using Modules for other purposes/ it is your homepage.
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