Environmental Studies 270

Environmental Problems: Social Causes, Consequences, and Policy Solutions
Professor: Pia Kohler
Spring 2018

Keyword Searching

Keyword searches:

See  our Super Searching guide for tips on constructing good keyword searches.

Examples for this course:

"sustainable cities" AND develop*

ethic* AND environment* AND policy

(fracking OR "hydraulic fracturing" OR "oil shale") AND policy 

"environmental racism" 

"public good" AND (environ* OR sustainab* OR conservation) 

(wolf OR wolves) AND "national park*" 

(toxic OR hazardous) AND waste AND justice

(women OR gender) AND environmental

(livestock OR agricultur* OR meat) AND (ethic* OR moral)

Subject Heading Searching

Subject Heading searches:

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Examples of relevant subject headings for this course:

Animal rights

Climatic changes

Endangered species

Environmental justice

Environmental policy

Environmental Sciences - Philosophy

Food habits

Public lands

Refuse and refuse disposal

Sustainable agriculture

Wilderness areas