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French 226: Introduction

La France Noire
Professor: Sophie Saint-Just
Spring 2018

Getting Started

1. Select a starting point 

  • Event (e.g. 150th anniversaire de l'abolition de l'esclavage) 
  • Person (writer, actor, historical figure, political figure, comedian) 
  • Primary source (film, novel, short story, news photograph, art work) 
  • ​Secondary source (scholarly article or book) 

2. Think about the voices that you want to hear from

  • Participants in events 
  • Researchers, Scholars 
  • News reporters 
  • Public opinion 

Search Strategies

Your starting point and the type of sources you are seeking will determine the search tools you use:

  • Library catalogs 
  • Articles databases 
  • Digitized collections 
  • Citation databases

Research Question and Writing

For in-depth instruction on formulating a research question and writing, see the Library Writing and Citing Guide

  • Your research question should be
    • a substantive question
    • open-ended to enable you to explore broadly 
    • grounded in and connected to research presented/discussed in class
  • Sources you seek out should
    • answer genuine questions that arise from your initial consideration of your topic
    • serve to illustrate, extend, demonstrate, and/or inform your argument rather thanmake the argument for you
  • Remember that
    • research is an iterative process
    • you are engaging in a conversation that started before you and contributing to it

Your Librarian

Christine Ménard's picture
Christine Ménard
Sawyer Library
Research Services, Room 347D
Pronouns: she/her/hers