History 280

Emancipation to BlackLivesMatter
Professor Tyran Steward
Spring 2021

Using Guidebooks

Image from 1938 New Orleans City Guide

Image Credit: Federal Writers' Project. New Orleans City Guide, 1938, p. 286. From the Internet Archive.

Beyond the Green Book, you can learn more about the cities, states, and regions along your travel route by consulting guidebooks. During the late 1930s and early 1940s, the Federal Writers' Project, part of the Works Progress Administration, published volumes in the American Guide series, which was envisioned as a vast encyclopedia and tourist guide of the US. Additionally, automobile clubs and individual travelers have published guides for tourists and fellow travelers.

Finding Guidebooks

In HathiTrust Digital Library, use the "Advanced catalog search" option to search for one the following as a Subject AND the city, state, or region as a Subject:

  • Guidebooks
  • Description and travel

Use Item Viewability and Date of Publication limits to narrow your search results.