History 280

Emancipation to BlackLivesMatter
Professor Tyran Steward
Spring 2021

Using Newspapers

Newspapers can give you a glimpse of life in a particular place and time. Browse or search the resources on this page to:

  • Read headlines for cities on your itinerary to learn about major news events
  • Look at advertisements for automobiles and other products to understand cultural contexts
  • Look at job ads to understand the economic opportunities

Newspaper Databases

Research Tip: Searching Newspapers

Searching Full-text Newspapers

  • Think like a journalist. What words would they use?
  • Use the vocabulary in use at the time. (e.g., Negroes instead of African American)
  • Combine synonyms with OR to increase results. (e.g., conservatives OR right-wing)
  • Use the asterisk (*) to get multiple endings of a word. (e.g., integrat* for integrate, integration, integrating, etc.)
  • To get words closer together, use proximity operators. (See the database's help page for correct syntax.)
  • Limit your search to "abstract" or "citation and abstract" (if available) to get more precise results.