History 301 L

Approaching the Past: The American Civil War
Professor: Gretchen Long
Spring 2019

Civil War Call Numbers

The majority of books about the Civil War are found in the E461 to E656 call number range in the library. Works about specific cultural aspects (e.g., art, music, literature) during the time period are likely to be found in the call number ranges for those cultural topics.

Some Specific Civil War Call Numbers
Call Number Topic
E467.1.A-Z Biographies of Commanders/Officers. Individuals. Last Names A-Z.
E468 General Works
E468.5 Historiography
E470 - E478.1 Military Operations
E487 Confederate States of America. History (General). Political History
E491 - E537.9 Armies. Troops. The Union Army
E492.9 African American Regiments
E540.N3 Participation by African Americans in Union Army
E545 - E582.9 The Confederate States Army
E585.A35 Participation by African Americans in the Confederate Army
E591 Naval History
E601 Personal Narratives - Union
E605 Personal Narratives - Confederate
E611 - E612 Confederate Prisons
E615 - E616 Union Prisons
E621 Medical and Hospital Services - The North
E625 Medical and Hospital Services - The South
E628 Women