Justice & Law Studies 15: Law Review Articles

The Work of the Supreme Court: A Simulation
Instructors: Robert S. Groban, Jr. and Thomas J. Sweeney III
Winter Study 2020

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About Law Review articles

Law review articles are secondary sources that critically analyze legal topics and cases. They can be very useful for their extensive footnotes. Law review articles can be found through using Shepard's Citations from a case or by searching the databases below.

Best Bet Library Databases

Research Tip: Proxy Server

Researching Off Campus

Many of the resources on the A-Z Databases page are accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. However, you will need to authenticate yourself as a Williams user

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Search Tips for Nexis Uni

  • Use quotation marks for phrases, Boolean operators to combine terms, and the truncation symbol (!) to get multiple endings.

Example: "representational equality" AND apportion!

  • Use the ATLEAST command to require that a word or words appear 'at least' so many times in a document. 

Example: atleast5("one person one vote") 

  • Click "Advanced Options" to limit by a date range, area of law, or segment (such as footnotes) 

See also Search Connectors Quick Reference Card

Search Tips for HeinOnline

  • Use quotation marks around phrases. If you don't, search terms are logically paired with the AND operator.

Example: Texas AND "voting rights"

  • Use a tilde ~ and a number to find words within a set number of spaces from each other: 

Example: "person vote restrictions"~10

  • Facet on the left to limit to subject area, document type, etc.
  • Use the Citation Navigator and the Citation Format Guide under the CITATION tab.

For more search tips, see HeinOnline Search Guide