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Mathematics 456: Home

Representation Theory
Professor: Pamela Harris
Fall 2016

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Helena Warburg
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Schow Science Library
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This research guide supports the Applications to Representation Theory project for MATH 456. Use the tabs above to explore resources available for this assignment. For further assistance, contact one of the Schow librarians.

Topic Selection

As part of your project you are required to find an application of representation theory. This Yet Another Math Blog posting provides a sample of fields and applications which your team might explore.

The applications/fields listed in the posting are only a sample, and you may decide to find a different application/field that is not listed there. After your team selects the application/field you will explore, you are required to find a minimum of 5 sources connected to your selected application/field. Note that only one application/field is required, as this will allow you to focus the written report and oral presentation. However, you should select an application/field for which you can find the required sources.

(From MA456 Project Prompt; see Glow for full prompt details)

Schow Librarian

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Abigail Cahill
Meet your librarian:
Schow Science Library