Political Science 211

Do the People Govern? U.S. Public Opinion and Mass Political Behavior
Professor: Matthew Tokeshi
Spring 2018

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Hale Polebaum-Freeman
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About the Roper Center Public Opinion Archives

Founded in 1947, the Roper Center is a leading archive of social science data from public opinion surveys. The center collects, preserves and disseminates public opinion data and helps improve the practice of survey research. It holds data dating from the 1930s to the present, and its collection includes more than 22,000 datasets – almost half of which are international public opinion polls.

In November 2015, The Center's Archive will move to the campus of Cornell University, where it will work closely with the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER).

Williams College Libraries' membership in the Roper Center gives network-wide access to all the services of the Roper Center Public Opinion Archive, including its main searchable repository, the iPoll database.

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