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Political Science 325: Books

International and Transitional Justice
Professor: Cheryl Shanks
Spring 2017

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Use synonyms to search more efficiently; use ORs and parentheses

  • (oil OR petroleum OR crude) AND Iraq
  • (Islam OR Muslim) AND (women OR girl OR female)
  • indulgences AND (catholic OR Rome OR pope OR papacy)

Truncate roots of important words: 

  • (abortion OR pregnan*) AND privacy
  • (livestock OR agricultur* OR meat) AND (ethic* OR moral)

Insert a “wild card” [*?] for variable letters 

  • (globali*ation OR “global capitalism”) AND "latin america*"
  • (wom?n OR child) AND traffick*

Use “double quotes” to find exact phrases

  • "sustainable cities" AND develop*
  • (wolf OR wolves) AND "national park*"

ProQuest databases: use proximity searching

  • progressiv* NEAR/10 tax*
  • "religious freedom" NEAR/20 "human right*"

Research Tip: Borrow It

Borrow It!

If we don't own a book, or if our copy is checked out, you can borrow a copy from another library. Just search for the book in Williams WorldCat, and then choose "Request Item" to borrow it.

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Research Tip: Book Review Searching

Book Review Searching

  • Search for the title of the book, enclosed in quotation marks ("World's Best Book")
  • If the title is not very distinctive, add the author's last name
  • Look for limit to "book review" or add search term "review"