Theatre 388

Research: A Window into Design Dramaturgy
Professor: Carolyn Mraz
Fall 2020

History, Arts, Design

The areas below are useful in helping to understand the historical context and design elements appropriate for that context:

  • General and World History: D
    (World History has breakdowns by country. Within each category, it is further arranged by time period.)
  • American History: E and F
  • Manners and Customs: GT
    • Houses. Dwellings: GT 170-474
    • Costume. Dress. Fashion: GT500-2370
  • Social History: HN
  • Music: M
    • History and Criticism: ML 159-360 (arranged by special time periods and then by country)
    • Musical Theater: MT955-956
  • Fine Arts: N
    • History of Art: N5300-7418 (arranged by time periods and movements, followed by countries arranged by time period then movements)
    • Special Subjects of Art: N7570-8266
    • Painting: ND
    • Architecture: NA
    • Decorative Arts: NK
      • Interior Decoration. House Decoration: NK1700-3505
  • Technology: T
    • Artistic Photography: TR644-687 (see detailed list)
      • Portraits: TR680-681
      • Fashion Photography: TR679
    • Clothing Manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring: TT490-695
    • Hairdressing: TT950-979
    • Home Economics: TX