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Biology 101: Getting Started

The Cell

How to Read a Call Number

Unlike public and school libraries, most academic libraries use the Library of Congress Classification scheme to arrange books on the shelves.


Read call numbers line by line:

  • First line: arranged alphabetically

  • Second line: read as a whole number

  • Third and fourth lines: arranged alphabetically, then numerically, with the number treated as a decimal

  • Last line: shelved chronologically.

Using Schow

To help contextualize and interpret your group's lab results, your group will need to find reputable scientific information in the scholarly literature. These sources should then be incorporated into your presentations and lab reports.

The materials related to the course topics will be shelved in various sections of the Schow Science Library or will be available electronically. Relevant sources of information will be found with the books, the reference collection, and the journal collection. Browse the stacks to see what is available or search the library catalog to find a specific item.

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