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Arabic Studies 369: Discussion #1

Indigenous Narratives
Professor Amal Eqeiq
Spring 2021

Individual activity + Group Discussion

In this activity, you will be looking up the  following course texts in the library catalog. Then, we will regroup and have discussion about how each book is classed in the library system. 

Islands of Decolonial Love, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko

The Ogre’s Daughter, Emile Habiby, Saraya

Deep Rivers, José María Arguedas

  1. Start at
  2. Find the book in the library catalog 
  3. Identify the book's call number 
  4. Go to the corresponding section in the Class P section of the Library of Congress Classification 
  5. Compare the four classification schemes.  What do you notice? What is surprising?  What changes would you like to make?  Be prepared to discuss your observations.