AFR 300: Rebel Ecologies: Finding Sources for this Course

Choosing a Research Tool

If you know what type of source or which "lens" you want to use to frame your research, browse the library list of research tools by subject or source type:

If you're not sure where to start, try starting your research in a multidisciplinary research tool.  You'll get all types of sources from a variety of disciplines, and can narrow your search from there.  Recommended multidisciplinary research tools:

Search the Library Catalog:

Start with keywords

If you're not sure what you want to research, try searching words or phrases that are more general.  From there, you can scan through results and explore sources to help narrow down your field of inquiry.

Reference sources like the "Keywords for" series can also provide an introduction to a topic.

Suggested keywords

Try the following keywords and phrases as a starting point:

  • "ecology"
  • "Ecofeminism"
  • "Black/womanist ecology" 
  • "Native ecologies"
  • "land defense"
  • "Eco-socialism"
  • "land reform"

Refer to the "search like a pro" section of this guide for tips on using these and other keywords in library search tools.

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