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Engaged Scholarship: Sharing Findings

Guide for Engaged Scholarship, sometimes known as Community Engaged Scholarship.

Getting out the word

Being a co-creator of information is a unique role. The resources on this page include different tools and ideas for how you may present your findings to different communities, either as a community partner, or as a researcher describing your experience. 


Information sharing as activism

Information is expensive, valuable, and abundant. Information locked behind paywalls creates an artificial scarcity of information, and apportions knowledge unjustly. This apportioning of information amongst some, while denying it from compounds privledge and repression. 

Presenting Findings

With the local community:

Designed for the readablity and use of a community partner's stakeholders. 

Some forms might include:

  • Posters or infographics
  • Published Datasets
  • Articles or Reports
  • Multimedia
  • Resource Lists
  • Pamphlets

For an academic community:

Designed for an academic audience.

  • Academic Papers
  • Conference Papers
  • Published Datasets
  • Posters
  • Bibliographies

To others:
Outside the local community, but not necessarily within academia

Designed for the readability of everyone.

  • Posters or Infographics
  • Articles
  • Bibliographies
  • Multimedia